Weddings in BrookLodge are always a little bit special for me because I married my own lovely husband Kevin in the intimate woodland surroundings of Macreddin Chapel. So photographing a wedding in BrookLodge with Kevin as my second photographer was extra special. That Tara and Shane were the wonderful couple who brought us back there made it perfect. From the first time we met them their warm openness made me feel like we were all old friends.

That warmness (and a lot of love and beautiful detail!) ran through the whole day in Macreddin Village and made for a fabulous Thai-Irish wedding celebration in vivid colour and dreamy detail. A beautifully decorated Macreddin Hall full of fresh roses, pink peonies and tables named after Thai islands made me dream of white sand and long tail boats. Tara was regal in her beauty in a dress that looked made for her and those pink Manolos gave me serious shoe envy! 

But my favourite part of the day was Tara and Shane’s story. Tara’s proud uncle Graham told us that story, delivering part of his speech in Thai to the amusement of the Thai guests. I didn’t understand a word but the laughter and tears in the crowd told me his Thai wasn’t up to much but his words were heartfelt. His niece moved here a shy little girl and blossomed into a beautiful young woman, built a life for herself with some loyal Irish sisters and met the love of her life. I’d already witnessed the sisterhood in her friendships that morning. To see how the girls were ready with a hug every time the occasion threatened to overwhelm Tara made the bridal preparations a heartwarming affair! Meanwhile Shane’s crew kept his nerves in check with their traditional pre-wedding pint in their Clane local Jas Manzors.

I imagine Tara turned a lot of heads working in the local shop years ago but for Shane it was love at first sight. Best man and loyal younger brother Kevin had us in stitches filling us in on Shane’s newfound beauty routine before he would go to the shop. But it was listening to Shane’s speech about how much Tara means to him, while watching Tara’s lovely face try not to cry, that really had me choking back the tears.

Congratulations Tara + Shane! Thanks for a beautiful day and for reminding me what a magical place BrookLodge is xx