If there’s any city lovelier on a crisp autumn day than Dublin, I don’t know it and there aren’t too many prettier spots on those days than the grounds of Trinity College. So the morning of Emma & Paul’s wedding I woke up feeling very excited and lucky to do this job.

Emma and Paul are a lovely couple from Belfast who live in London so technically this was a destination wedding for them but it felt much more like a homecoming. I’d met them in Trinity a few days before the wedding for a trip down memory lane. They showed me around their Trinity – the campus house where Paul used to live (and all the stories that go with that!), the places they would take their families when they visited and Emma’s favourite buildings. As an architect the beautiful buildings of TCD were the perfect place for her to bring family and friends together for a celebration.  

And this really was a celebration for family and friends. Every person there was clearly very important to Emma and Paul. Every one of their young nieces and nephews had a job in the wedding and from the very first time they contacted me they wanted a full group photograph on the steps of the chapel.

An intimate wedding full of warm, lovely people in the gorgeous surroundings of the Trinity chapel, what more could you ask for?  Queue skipping and a bridal shoot in the Old Library perhaps? It took a little begging and pleading with the University in the lead up to the wedding but it was worth it. I had the time of my life photographing inside one of the most magnificent rooms in the country. I couldn’t believe my luck that I there with a fun couple, a few cameras and a beautiful bride in a gorgeous lace and silk dress. Meanwhile Emma and Paul beamed with joy as they were given the royal treatment in a place that means a lot to them. Huge thanks to Trinity for adding to the specialness of this special day.

After the excitement of Trinity we left the crowds of clapping tourists and took a stroll over to Fallon & Byrne, interrupted only by shoppers and outdoor eaters offering their congrats… and even a traditional Irish blessing.  Bathed in Autumn sunshine and good wishes, it felt like the whole city was wishing Emma and Paul well. Little touches like the cuppa they enjoyed alone together in the supermarket at Fallon & Byrne and the Dairy Milk favours on the tables (because it just tastes better in the south!) felt very Dublin.  

On days like these I’m reminded of why I love this city. Thanks Emma and Paul for that and for letting me be a part of your wonderful day.

Thanks also to my fantastic second shooter, business partner and husband Kevin Kheffache.