They’re my favourite of the wedding day details, the little symbols of the promise you’re about to make – nothing else you buy for your wedding comes near the sentimental value of the rings. They’re notoriously difficult to take a snap of (as we all know from trying to send iPhone photos to our friends and family when we got engaged!) so whenever I get near them I love the challenge of taking creative wedding ring photos. If detail shots are important to you too, why not take the opportunity on your wedding day to have your professional photographer take a beautiful photo of all of the rings for you? Here are my 5 top tips for getting beautiful ring shots.

1. Make sure your photographer knows the ring shot is important for you. He/she will need to bring a specialist macro lens because rings are so small. These special lenses are for working with a tiny plane of focus to get even an inscription sharp and allow us to make lovely blurry backgrounds.

2. Clean your engagement ring so it sparkles! Lots of jewellery stores offer free professional cleaning as an aftercare service but if not, don’t worry – warm water, fairy liquid and a soft (old!) toothbrush will do the trick. 

3. Keep all the rings together. If they’re not together in the morning let your photographer know you’d still like a ring shot and he/she can borrow them all for a minute or two at the reception.

4. Context! These days the rings don’t just have to sit on a flower! Anything can be a background for a ring shot – you could incorporate your wedding invitation, sand for a beach wedding, autumn leaves or pumpkins for October weddings… even just that special date on your iPhone calendar. If there’s some part if your story you want included tell your photographer – you never know what they might come up with!

5. Christmas weddings. It’s that time of year and the possibilities for beautiful sparkly backgrounds are endless. Christmas decorations make amazing backdrops for wedding rings!

Looking forward to taking lots of creative ring shots for all my lovely couples in 2015!

Annie x