A lush green forest, adorable little bridges over a babbling brook, a tiny white chapel nestled in the woods, chickens roaming freely, champagne flowing from midmorning and laughter echoing around a tiny village oasis in the wicklow countryside… Is there a more perfect place than BrookLodge on a summer wedding day?

The sun even came out just in time to give Lyndsey and Donal a beautiful outdoor wedding in this romantic forest setting. Lyndsey was perfect in a rustic lace gown and beaming smile greeting her stylish groom (with equally beaming smile!).

Lyndsey and Donal have been together for years and they’re as in love as the day they met. Those years have obviously been filled with good times and great friends. Some friends travelled all the way around the world to join the celebrations and a few others could be spotted running around BrookLodge in their pyjamas all morning decorating. Lydnsey’s super talented friend even designed all the fabulous wedding flowers.

A night of laughs and heartfelt speeches, selfie sticks and crazy dancing followed in BrookHall and the newlyweds were still beaming when we left them.

Congratulations Lyndsey and Donal! I know you’ll have a brilliant life together x