There’s always something a little special about photographing a very intimate wedding. When it’s just the bride and groom and their 35 closest friends and family you feel very privileged to be invited into their lives. That’s how it was with Grainne and Frederic’s castle wedding in the beautiful secluded surroundings of Castle Leslie Estate. By the end of their wedding day their families felt like old friends to me and I was once again reminded how lucky I am do to this job.

The privacy of Castle Leslie Estate was a perfect serene setting for a wedding like this, separated from the real world by Glaslough Lake and acres of greenery. With all of the guests staying in the castle itself, and every part of the wedding taking place in a different room, it felt like Grainne and Freddie were getting married at home in their own estate like a Crawley wedding in Downton. We had Grainne’s bridal preparations in the pastel blue room, Freddie suiting up in the dramatic red room, a beautiful ceremony in the grand sitting room, drinks in the mural covered bar, photographs around the gorgeous terrace and gardens and a dinner full of grandeur in the castle’s dining room. Grainne, Freddie and their guests got to experience the unique character of every part of this special estate on their special day and it was a pleasure to enjoy it with them.

Of course I should mention that I wasn’t the only extra guest on the day. When best man Andy fumbled nervously for the rings, and guests started to get nervous for him, R2D2 burst into the room to the rescue! For Freddie, and a very excited pageboy Aiden, the day wouldn’t have been the same without a mission for their favourite Star Wars droid. Special thanks to Mechatrons who helped R2 get there just in the nick of time!

Thanks for letting me share in your wonderful day of laughter, love and little surprises Grainne and Freddie! xx