Once upon a time Graham committed the mortal sin of dating his mate’s little sister… but then he did the decent thing and proposed πŸ˜‰ And after a fabulous day at the Village at Lyons they all lived happily ever after! There were so many things I loved about this wedding I could be here all day so I’ll limit myself to just a few…

Maria and Graham! Individually two remarkably nice people, together they are pure loveliness!

The flower girls! Ballerina buns with their little white princess dresses and the look of pure wonderment on their tiny faces. So cute I could have cried! In my defence I was 6 months pregnant at the time.

The photo shoot! Possibly the most I’ve ever laughed during a bridal shoot. Maria had us all in stitches… to the point where I wondered if it’s possible to be too relaxed during your bridal photo shoot. The answer is no by the way! The shoot just takes longer if everyone is cracking up but when the brilliant staff at the Village keep bringing trays of bubbly and refreshments who cares?! The party just moves outside!

The Village at Lyons! Do I even need to say it? Colourful gardens, lakes and fountains, your own waterfall for the day, buildings full of character and a twinkly balcony over the festivities for a bird’s eye view of heartfelt toasts and romantic dances. It’s a wedding photographer’s dream!

What a day! Thanks for having us Maria and Graham xx

Bridal Prep Location – Castleknock Hotel & Country Club. Ceremony – Saggart Church. Reception – The Village at Lyons