This is Max and this is me.

Messy bed, messy me, shot on an old iPhone but it doesn’t matter because I love this photograph. It reminds me why we take photographs. Photographs are our attempt to pause time, to hold onto unique and unrepeatable moments before the moment slips away, the memory fades and all we’re left with is that cherished photograph. Photographs document our history, our families and our loves. They record the beautiful, intimate and real times of our lives. Never more so than on our wedding day. It’s a special responsibility to photograph a couple’s wedding and I’m so grateful that you’re here considering me.

I’m a documentary photographer which means I love to record authentic moments in wedding photographs. I care about my couples and their families and the lives they’re letting me see. I love the looks from proud parents, the anticipation and happy tears, the ‘trying to hold it together’ moments in the ceremony, the way you look at each other, the hyena face you make when you howl with laughter, the page boys going off-script and that one awkward family member in a sea of happy faces (there’s always one!). I love it all and want to record it all in timeless elegant photographs you’ll still love decades from now. So forget making your wedding picture-perfect or “should we practise for the photographs?” Don’t. All you have to do is just be present in your day, be with your people, feel all the love a wedding brings and that’s what you’ll see in your photographs. What if you can’t keep a straight face for your couple photographs? Don’t. Tease each other, laugh, mess, run around, break into spontaneous dance if you like! Do whatever makes you happy for those few minutes alone together on a really big day and that’s the joy you’ll feel when you look at your photographs. A little about me: I’m Annie: wife to fellow photographer Kevin, mother to an awesome little boy, hopeless romantic, minimalist, lover of books, netflix addict… I basically can’t get enough of story telling and make believe. I still find it weird that I used to be a corporate lawyer. Now I get to take photographs and tell people’s stories every day and I never forget how lucky I am.

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