What time do you arrive and what time do you leave?

On the day I like to arrive about 2 hours before the wedding ceremony to photograph the lovely details and unobtrusively document the getting ready process. If you book my 'Essentials' package I stay until you are seated for dinner. If you book the 'Essentials Plus' package I stay to cover the speeches, your first dance and some of the dancing (until approximately 10.30pm). For more information on packages, please contact me.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes.  There is no travel charge for weddings within 100 miles of Dublin.  I would also be delighted to photograph your destination wedding, please contact me to discuss travel pricing for your wedding abroad.

How long will the photos take?

You will usually have your online gallery and slideshow within 6 weeks of the wedding. In the very busy months this may take a little longer but I’ll keep you updated if this is the case.

How do we book you?

A non-refundable deposit of €300 and an online booking form will hold your date. The balance is due 1 week before your wedding date.

What equipment do you use?

I always use two top of the range Canon full frame bodies and a range of quality lenses as well as multiple SD/CF cards and back up cards!

How many photos do we get?

Depending on the package you will get a minimum of 400 images but it often ends up being more.

Do we get all of the photos?

In short, no! I typically end up with over 1000 images at the end of a wedding day because I don’t want to miss a minute of the action! But this 1000 includes some exact replicas of group photos I already gave you (my Canon 5Diii allows me to shoot multiple shots in a second to make sure I get one where everyone has their eyes open!); the ones where someone walked right in front of the lens as I clicked; the ones where people had their eyes closed; the ones where the focus missed, etc. I’m not holding back good images of you, your family or your friends that you might want and don’t already have, don’t worry!

Can we give you a list of photographs we want you to take?

Yes and no! Before the wedding I will send you a detailed questionnaire so that I know all of names of everyone who should be in each group photograph and all of the little details and themes/styles of your wedding that are important to capture. We will also talk about all of this when we meet. As a wedding photographer I also know the key moments of the ceremony and the wedding day not to be missed. I love to see your ideas too so feel free to send me screenshots of photos you love so I get more of an idea of your taste.

After this, giving your wedding photographer a very long and detailed list of groups and must-take shots is counter productive. Whatever photographer you choose you choose him/her because you like their style and creativity. You’ll get better photographs if you trust your photographer and give him/her a little space to use this creativity and photograph in that style.

If we choose the digital only package can we change our minds and get an album later?

Yes, of course. Before the wedding your focus is on getting lovely images to record the day forever. After the wedding, when you have seen all the photos, and decide you’d like to make an album we can sit down again and run through options and album prices. Kevin does a lot of the album work so feel free to check out his site here: www.kevinkheffache.com

Can we order additional albums?

Yes of course. I am happy to show you some options to purchase additional/parent albums.