Procrastinating and scrolling Reddit I came across the Japanese term “Kintsukori” (“to repair with gold”), which is the art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

It rained a lot on Elaine and Nacho’s wedding day and that gorgeous forest in CloughJordan was drenched. Rain doesn’t really matter when your preference is for documentary style photos full of the life, the characters and stories of the day and that’s exactly what Elaine wanted. For my part I couldn’t love these photos or their characters more. Nacho had one additional request, he was in love with that magical forest. If the rain would stop at all he wanted just one photo of him and Elaine in the forest. For a brief glorious few minutes the rain stopped and the whole wedding went outside to bask in the sun. Elaine agreed to brave the forest with Nacho. We got the photo that looks like a sunny forest day. In the floods under our feet Elaine’s wine suede shoes bled onto her blush wedding dress and started a subtle, perfectly-imperfect pink dip dye effect you’d struggle to design as beautifully. A little reminder that on a wedding day, just like in life, the goal isn’t “perfect” that’ll remove all the joy. Instead I say we embrace Kintsukori.

“The photographs are such a beautiful reminder of what was the best weekend of our lives. They are so full of life, joy and the natural documentary style that drew us to your work in the first place. We can’t thank you enough.

Love, Elaine and Nacho xx”