I’m actually not sure how to even begin this email. I’m having trouble even putting in to words how to say thank you – because thank you will never be enough for what you have given us. Nonetheless, thank you.

Sam and I spent the majority of our evening laughing, crying and reminiscing. We are trying to figure out how many picture frames with photos of us are acceptable in one house. I hope you never lose sight of telling the story. One of the reasons Sam and I fell in love with your work is because the photos seemed so effortless – like we were witnessing real moments. You did not disappoint. Our favorite photos are the ones we didn’t get to see with our own two eyes, as well as the “shots between the shots”.

I remember standing at the top of the stairs during the cocktail hour looking at all of the people who flew 3500 miles to share in our moment. You came up, also with a tear in your eye, and it meant the world to me – to know that we had someone there who understood that it was the most important day of our lives.
I could go on and on, but I’m sure you need to get back to winning awards!! Congratulations, by the way! It is SO well deserved. Basically, thank you. Thank you to the moon and back.
Danielle and Sam”