If you asked Kelly and Cathal what it was like to have an intimate 25 person wedding in the summer of 2020 they would probably say “perfect”. They only ever wanted their wedding this way, just their immediate families, their own (adorable) little family and their very closest friends as wedding guests. They were that one lucky couple of all of my 2020 couples from March on who just weren’t affected by Covid-19. If you met them you wouldn’t begrudge them a minute of it.

For those few warm sunny August hours in Macreddin Village, tucked away in the Wicklow mountains, (apart from noticing my face mask now and then) the pandemic magically ceased to exist… and it was glorious. From the relaxed getting ready atmosphere with everyone wandering between suites and snooker rooms and kids exploring, to the intimate personalised ceremony in the little chapel tucked away in the forest, to the outdoor drinks reception… I kinda wanted this to be my day. It felt so carefree and happy (compared to the months around it) that I thought maybe this is how weddings should always be? No stress, no crowd control, just quality time with the people we love most. And then I saw what they’d done to The Strawberry Tree restaurant (or should I say what the immensely talented Melanie had done to it) and that was it – I wanted to get married again (I mean to Kevin again rather than leave him for someone else obviously!) and have exactly this meal in this setting. As Kelly herself said walking into that room was like stepping into a Pinterest dream wedding.