Maybe when they go for job interviews they’re Juliet and Michael but to their family and friends, everyone who’s known them since they were childhood sweethearts and the whole happy crowd in Dunbrody, they’re Jet and Mikey. So that’s who they are to us after a glorious September afternoon in Dunbrody House that was the opposite of unnecessary formality in every great way. This was a day for an outdoor ceremony (in homely but beautiful Dunbrody) filled with the sounds of laughter from the anecdotes of old friends to a soundtrack of the piano played by a talented college roommate. It was a day for wildflowers that looked like they’d just been picked from a secret garden, for forest doors that looked like they to led to said secret garden but then you find a hidden pub instead. Michelin quality food was served up without fanfare to the gang as they drank on the grass together like old festival times. Kevin Dundon wasn’t even the only chef indulging his love for food that weekend. For those late night munchies Mikey’s brother Richie stayed up all night making 10 loaves of sourdough to compliment the cheese he knew they had. Kevin and I were so distracted by the food and festival vibe, it’s lucky we didn’t forget to take photos. Thankfully the glorious sunlight, bouncing around spotlighting everything, kept bringing us back to that “ooh look at that” urge to photograph. Some days make you wish that all of your friends would replicate them so you could be a guest at a day like this over and over again. If you could somehow promise them they’d get that sunshine if they did they probably would.