Chris and Fiona grew up together in Enniskerry. Chris was able to walk from home to his wedding and Fiona could have all her musician friends fill the church with the sound of music. Lucky for them a homely local wedding in Enniskerry lands you in one of the most majestic settings in Ireland – Powerscourt House, set in the epic Powerscourt Gardens, 47 acres of the some of the most impressive gardens in the world. It’s a national treasure, a tourist attraction and a treat for the guests as lovely as Fiona’s “where did that come from?” incredible Opera singing mid-ceremony. Oh and there were fire breathers! I could think of much worse ways to spend a sunny summer’s day than a schedule of entertainment planned by these two. Luckily, from the constant smiles and laughter throughout these photos, I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it all just as much as the rest of us.

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