Maybe it’s because I spent some of my 20s in Drumcondra but I always loved the idea that Amanda and Cormac met in The Cat & Cage on a random summer’s evening. An American girl on holiday in Dublin, trying the Guinness, and an Irish lad living in Drumcondra for college, just having a drink with friends, they had no idea that evening would decide the course of their futures. I wonder if I ever walked by them that summer, them unaware they’d someday marry each other and me, unaware that I’d become a wedding photographer, let alone their wedding photographer.

Maybe they’re all big romantics in The Cat & Cage too because they sent a letter of congratulations on the wedding day. That day in another one of my favourite places, The Millhouse Slane, Amanda’s aunt made beautiful bouquets and dressed every surface she could find in flowers and trinkets, all of the parents cried and hugged and beamed with pride, the pageboy blew bubbles, the bridal party drank lots of bubbles (and Guinness naturally) and no-one looked happier than Amanda and Cormac that it had all worked out this way.