My last memory of Caitlin & John’s wedding – just before midnight on Day 2 – the Best Man (in between tequila shots – his, not mine) waxing lyrical about what a cool guy my husband is. My own morning with the girls had started with a catch up about what I missed after I left the rehearsal dinner the night before and a debate about how to pronounce Moët (you do pronounce the “t” apparently, German not French – you learn something new every wedding!) I get why my parents don’t think I have a real job. Some weekends I’m just hanging out with my husband and a big gang of Americans friends on the holiday of a lifetime together for the big day in Ireland. Followed by Kev and I having dinner and a lot of laughs in sunny castle grounds with the lovely Martina (

But just hanging out, listening to all the stories of all the adventures over the years, getting to know everyone and where they fit into this story is how I fall I love with them and the wedding. Living this day fully with them is the best way I know to take a set of photographs of this massive event in their lives that will have meaning – the kind of photographs of our lives that we’re grateful for every time we look at them.