Rosemary is a girl after my own heart, who loves classic black&white photos, romantic detailing and that little extra magic that children provide on a wedding morning. From the moment we met I knew photographing Rosemary and Derek’s wedding would be fun. Seafield was the first place they spent a weekend escape together, a place that reminds them of those whimsical early days of falling in love… an obvious choice for their wedding!

Like the classic romances Rosemary loves, the day played out like a fairytale in four Acts. An elegant bridal suite, full of reflective black surfaces and rich colour provided a sort of “dark romance” setting for the bridal preparation. The characters a classically beautiful raven-haired bride with porcelain skin and red lips in gorgeous lace, pretty bridesmaids in regal purple and a supporting cast of excited children taking it all in.

To begin Act 2 Derek and his loyal groomsmen (brother Adam and lifelong best friend Eoin) and two adorable infant ring bearers waited for the bride to arrive at an intimate humanist ceremony, bright and filled with laughter. What followed was one of the cutest wedding moments I’ve ever seen when 2 year old Jack, delighted with himself after delivering the rings to daddy, handed his mummy a single rose.

After all the prepping and nerves, first looks and congratulations, a romantic forest walk alone awaited, through dark tree tunnels and over little wooden bridges, emerging onto one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland at Ballymoney. Rosemary and Derek had the beach to themselves to kick off their shoes and enjoy the sand between their toes and sea breeze in their hair.

Our closing Act brought a party in the glamorous Aine suite and the second “one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen” moment of the day when Derek presented Rosemary with a surprise cake topper featuring their little family. Finally, what better way to end a wedding day, for a girl who loves black+white romance, than a sparkle dance floor providing the only glints of light in the darkness for a first dance as husband and wife.

Congratulations Rosemary+Derek, Jack and Sam! Thanks for a beautiful day! x


In word and pictures, this is a lovely tribute to a magical day.
Wishing happiness and love always to the Bolands all. Faith and Augie